I got my VClip for about $20.00.  (I bought it from Pro-sound.com, even though they are working on competing version in it’s second iteration). (http://www.lavmicclip.com/)

I noticed right away that it looked like the back half of a Countryman B6’s vampire clip (which I have always thought of as less solid than the tram clips) glued to a tube of rubber.

I went ahead and put my COS-11 in it. I saw that the length of the tube did NOT allow for a windscreen to be attached without the tube being trimmed.

When I tried to remove the VClip from the mic…. I couldn’t get it off.  I took twenty minutes to try and massage it, gently tug it, twist it, wiggle it… nothing.

I finally ended up using my teeth to working my way up and down the tubing to stretch it and FINALLY got my mic back.

I decided it was then time to properly file the VClip into it’s proper location: the garbage.

I would NOT recommend this product until a serious update is made.
That being said, I’m looking forward to Pro-Sound.com’s 2nd version release. I’ll review that when it comes out.

****Update: See the Pro-sound vs. Vclip here***