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A feature / drama sound mixer’s kit is as important as the quality of the brushes and the richness of the paints is to a great artist.

An exceptional sound kit has to be rugged, yet refined and modular enough to adapt to the many requirements of the location, the scene and the conditions. One day, you will be shooting scenes in cars or on trains, and on the next day filming at the apex of a mountain.

Rain, sleet or snow… the show must go on!



Feature Cart


Aaton Cantar X3 24 Track Recorder
16 Channels of Lectrosonics Wireless
14 In Ear Monitors (IEMs)
Triple HD Monitors
100 Amp Hours of Battery Backup


Mini Cart/bag


Aaton Cantar X3 #2 (primary backup)
12 Channels of Lectrosonics Wireless
14 IEMs
60+ Amp Hours of Battery Backup





  • Car rig / Process Trailer Kit – Complete kit dedicated to getting great sound inside static or moving vehicles.
  • Playback and Voice of God Speaker – High-fidelity speakers for both music playback and acting direction.
  • VW Transporter Customised Sound Van – Ready to transport the full sound package anywhere it is needed.
  • Sound Package flight-ready worldwide – Full kit can be packed down and shipped safely just about anywhere.


Capturing Great Sound On Set


Planning for the needs of the scene – A detailed analysis of the script and it’s specific intricacies is very important to the planning of complex work on set. For example: is music playback required? Is there dialogue during playback? Is it also choreographed dancing? Questions like these, especially early on, will contribute to the success of the recorded sound in concert with all the other moving parts on set.

Collaboration with other Departments – Developing good working relationships with other departments (such as Camera, Costume, Props, Grips, Sparks, Locations or Production) is crucial to enabling the success of a good film or drama. Friendly favours among departments go a long way towards our common goal of successful end product.

Sound Team – Chris believes in surrounding himself with great people and this certainly extends to his handpicked Sound Team. You’ll find that everyone in Chris’s team is professional, friendly, pro-active and a hard working team player.

Sound Equipment – Chris has a world-class location sound recording kit that is modular in design. His kit is constantly updated and every piece of kit has a matching backup that can quickly be put into action if needs require. He uses Aaton X3 Recorders, Lectrosonics Wireless, DPA Microphones and more!



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Chris Durfy is an Emmy nominated UK-based production sound mixer for feature films & high end dramas. He pursues excellence in all facets of audio recording and specializes in science fiction, fantasy and period drama work. Chris is an active member of the Cinema Audio Society (CAS), the Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS) and the Institute of Professional Sound (IPS). Chris is best known for his work on Stranger Things and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

Chris is based in the United Kingdom, but is always ready to travel world-wide to capture great sound just about anywhere. Chris also loves testing and reviewing new audio gear and sharing his findings on his blog with other sound mixers around the world. 

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