I’m currently experimenting with hooking up a Sound Devices Pix260 and a Yamaha 01V96i and couldn’t find any information online on how to set up user groups with mute groups for slate and talkback buttons on the mixer.

Michael Paul of LCS had helped out Scott Farr with the routing on his devices a couple weeks ago. He shared their findings with me in a handy PDF guide. Here it is! Thanks guys!

Setting up a Slate and PL Mic on the O1V using Mute Groups (PDF)

Also from Michael:

Hi Chris,

 To the best of my knowledge, the attached PDF shows how I set it up for Scott. Then again, I have two kids under 6yrs old at home, and my brain is much more gelatinous than it used to be.

 Basically, you will plug your external Slate Mic into one of the O1V’s inputs. I have chosen #12 for this example, but you could use whatever you want.

 I’m routing the #12 Input to channels 31 and 32 on the second layer. From there, unmuting CH31 will send Slate Audio along with Program Audio (Stereo Mix) out of the Main outputs, or wherever the ST-L/ST-R are routed. Unmuting CH32 will send the slate mic audio out of Omni 1, along with Program audio, but the main Outputs will not carry the slate signal.  This way, you can unmute #31 when you want to voice slate a take, or unmute #32 when you want to talk to someone without interrupting the Mix buss (PL Style).

 All Inputs are routed to the Stereo Buss, as well as BUSS 1, which we will use for the PL Line. #31 is only routed to the Stereo Buss, and #32 is only routed to Buss 1. This way, when you unmute one or the other, the slate only goes to that channel. You can add more PL lines if you want, or only send the Boom mic to Buss 1 (if you’re using it as a Boom Op feed and PL), but this should at least get you started.

Make sure that the faders for Channels 31 and 32 are up, and that the channels are on (same goes for the Buss 1 Master fader)

Let me know when your head explodes

Michael Paul

Technical Director

Location Sound Corp.