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Chris is a Production Sound Mixer for Feature Films and High-end Dramas. He is based in the United Kingdom, but is always ready to travel world-wide. He also loves testing and reviewing new audio gear and sharing his findings on his blog.

CAS Nomination

CAS Nomination

I was very humbled to receive a CAS Award Nomination for Stranger Things. I don't expect to win the category, but I am very honored to have worked on such a great show, with some of the best cast and crew I've ever worked on. I'm also awestruck to be in the category...

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Revised OR-32 Audio Bag for OrcaBags

I've been playing with a new pre-release version of the Orcabags OR-32 I got from the Orca bags R&D team. I built directly out of my version 1 OR-32 and I must say, I am VERY impressed with the myriad of updates! The bag retains all of the features I really liked,...

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Cinela Piano vs Rycote WS 4

So the Cinela Piano is currently the most talked about item when it comes to full microphone windscreens. And most often it get compared to the latest Rycote offering, the Cyclone. But why not compare it to an old industry standard? The Piano is very nice, but is it...

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MuxLab 500052-Pro-BNC Video/Audio Balun

A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded my trusty lightweight MuxLab Balun System to a new beefier version, the 50052-Pro-BNC. What is a Balun and what is it used for? Balun is short for" BALanced to UNbalanced".  What is does is passively take in separate signals of audio...

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